Our Mission

Supdog Coffee is a result of following your heart and doing what makes you happy. With all of the crazy things going on in our busy lives, we must take time to embrace the simple things: Drinking coffee. Petting dogs. Supporting our family, friends, and community.

These are the values and ideas that brought Supdog Coffee to life. We love dogs and coffee so much, we just had to find a way to create a mutually beneficial venture.

We donate $1 to our rescue shelter partner of the month for each item sold. Whole beans, Coffee Mugs, Brewing Tools, Dog Toys, Treats, and Accessories: they all count! We will update our customers and community when we pick the shelter of the month, as well as how much is donated each month. We will also announce new product releases, partnerships, and our dogs of the month. Let's drink some coffee and help some dogs*!


*Disclaimer: Many Cats will be helped in the course of business :)